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Design Build

The Design Build method of Construction / Project delivery is where all aspects of the project (Design, Permits, and Construction) are contracted with a single entity, in this case, us as the Design Build General Contractor.

The Design Build method differs from the traditional Design-Bid-Build model by giving the Owner a single point of accountability and reduces the overall risk to the Client. In the Traditional Method the owner will typically locate a site with a Commercial Real Estate Broker. Execute a lease agreement based on a Construction Budget, Hire the Designers (Architects and Engineers), and place the completed design out to bid with General Contractors while the design is in plan review for permits.

All too often when the Contractors bids are returned they are over the original anticipated budget for various reasons. The original budget may not have taken into account site specific elements, may not have been realistic to current material or labor costs, or the design elements were not within the budget.

This scenario creates a lot of stress and fears for an owner, often they are committed to a lease backed by security deposits, have money invested in the design and permitting costs, along with the time and a lot of planning at risk. Typically at this point the Owner will work with a Contractor to "Value Engineer" the design to reduce costs at the expense of time and there is no guaranty that the budget is ever achieved, changing your initial business plan and placing your venture at risk.

Even after all of that, if you manage to get through it and on to the construction phase, as an owner you are now at risk for Change Orders, additional cost for errors / omissions within the design, and possibly placed in a referee position between the Contractor and Designer.

The Traditional Method just doesn't make sense for most small business owners who don't have construction managers on staff and that is why we have worked for years to develop the methods to provide Owners a simple, stress free way of creating or expanding your business keeping your focus on the core of your business, not construction.

Here's how it works:

We will work with you and/or your Broker providing site evaluations based on Constructability, Cost, and layout until a "preferred" site is located meeting your criteria.

Once the preferred site has been identified we will provide Cad layout(s) of floor plans and design elements until the desired layout is chosen.

We will then provide detailed construction costs, schedules, material selections and work with you to refine the final design and cost until you have reached your desired final plan within budget goals.

Now that you have a real world Construction Design and Proposal in hand, you can negotiate your lease, tenant improvement allowances, obtain financing, etc. with confidence and guarantee, without any surprises.

Now, when you're ready to go, we will engage Architectural and Engineering firms to complete plans for permits, negotiate all sub-contract work, obtain permits and execute the construction process. This approach is Faster and Less Expensive than the traditional method and provides the Owner Zero Risk because we will have provided a guaranteed proposal before you have made any financial commitments.